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Rugs, vases and other objects covered in fur are a rarity. The only exception is at the entrance to the room where you enter with your sword drawn

“Rugs are a staple of any home decorist’s wardrobe. The choice in these pieces maybe.”

Elisa Erna, Customer

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Refresh your home from the ground up with a beautiful new rug

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Menciptakan Nyaman

Rugs, which are usually made from cotton or linen

Terbaik di Kota Anda

Rugs are a staple of any home decorist’s wardrobe

Material Terbaik

The choice in these pieces may be the last thing on your mind

Fitur yang membedakan kami dari yang lain

Rugs feature a full range of fabrics – from linen, cottons and rags to silk, leather corduroy or even ivory. In addition it includes an array on features such as the pendant clasp.

Pilihan Warna Lengkap

Rugs are an instant way to create a soft, luxurious surface underfoot

Material Aman

Do you panic every time your precious little one falls whilst practicing

Mempercantik Dekorasi Anda

People usually think of rugs as a way to enhance their home decor

Harga Kompetitif

If it’s your floor that has a problem – like cracked tiles

Desain Cantik

Call it a foyer, an entryway, an entrance hall, but whatever you call it

Untuk Segala Ruangan

Many people think of a rug as a “finishing touch” for a room

Koleksi Kami Menawan Hati Anda?

Rugs feature a satin-style finish a pair of removable side windows let you see out through the center, and provide good views at all times.